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    Lara X Croft

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    Had a major scare with my three-year-old grand daughter. She suddenly went into violent allergic reaction to something. Ambulance, hospital, specialists, epipins, tests, and no information to help. It took three weeks for the welts to quit moving around and for whatever it was to stop attacking her joints. Now, we know it isn't a food allergy but that's all we know. I've been in the rotation for sitting and watching her to make sure she is breathing at all times. She's pretty much back to normal now but the tendency to stand watch hasn't gone away just yet. :) How about you?

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    Reply from Ekolu:
    Oh my God I am so sorry Lara. I hope and pray your granddaughter is okay now. Poor baby.
    I know what you mean; the fear is always there. Take care and see you soon. image